MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma-Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art

Two Neem Tree Goddesses Dancing with the Earth Goddess (2021)

15x35.8 in ~ Painting, Pigments, Fabric

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Two Neem Tree Goddesses, Earth Goddess, Waxing Moon Goddess and the Stars

I painted this artwork during the Brumalia celebration in 2021, an ancient pagan festival for Demeter. I always celebrate all Earth Goddesses during this special occasion and perform several painting rituals. The artwork invites you to a visual meditation adventure of healing and transformation! You are invited to re-connect to the balancing, grounding energies of the Earth-Goddess, working on your root chakra. What areas in your life need healing? Do you feel you have lost your spark and motivation? Connect to the healing energies of the Neem Tree Goddesses, the Waxing Moon Goddess and the Stars. Embrace your authentic self and start shining your special light. Continue step by step and grow like the Waxing Moon Goddess.


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