MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma-Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art

Magickal Full Moon Gate - 7-1-2023 (2023)

24.8x40.6 in ~ Painting, Pigments, Fabric

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Several hidden secret oracle messages, mysterious symbols and energies manifested them as an artwork which like a sigil represents a special, powerful energy. Indeed, a fiery energy of moving forward, accompanied by the three Bat Goddesses which I met on my Full Moon journey of inspiration. Opening the gates of transition, the Full Moon Goddess enlightens the way. The healing energy of the Neem Tree Goddess and the enchanting Frangipani Goddess offer protection and grounding. Further, the Creeper Goddess helps me to remember that there are no limits - she can move whereever she wants without any hindrance...


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